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Monday, 10 June 2013

What do we do for the air passengers?

Our mission is to execute the air passengers' rights and make necessary changes happen. We help passengers who have doubts and questions connected with the air service. Collected opinions and evidence give us certainty that we know what is going on during the journeys. Our knowledge serves the passengers. We want their voices to be seriously considered while making any decisions regarding the future, especially when it comes to providing more friendly flying. 
We realize our consumers' goal through:
  • A presentation of passenger’s opinions to the various decision makers within the European Union, and an initiation of solutions and pursuance of their implementation.
  • Education of passengers in terms of rights and constantly changing terms of services on the air services market.
  • Helping in case of dissatisfaction with the service, during or after the journey; seeking the solution to any problem.
  • Encouraging passengers to express their opinions and experiences.
  • Enabling a collective presentation of opinions and submitting them.
  • Gathering of information and consumer research, where passengers express their outlooks on journeys on the aircraft.
  • Focusing on a few key issues, among others: fares and tickets, quality and level of the services, investments and ecology.
  • Cooperation with governmental and local administration, with the organisations representing consumers in Europe and on other continents and with a wide group of service suppliers of the air travel industry.
  • Caring for the balanced development of air travel in the European Union with careful consideration of ecology, ethics and other social aspects.